Hair color cream especially designed to satisfy every coloring necessity. Its exclusive formula is based on natural ingredients which have a very deep conditioning effect, and also grants shiny results, uncompromising color intensity, conditioning and coverage.

  • 97 shades for the more exigent look.s
  • 3,38 fl oz tubel
  • Mix 1:1,5 with ARTIZTA ACTIVATOR


Emulsion Cream Developer for coloring and decolorizing. Its conditioning base, rich in natural oils, protects the hair during every kind of treatment.

  • 10-20-30-40 volums
  • 33.81 fl oz bottle


Artizta Bleaching Powder, designed with microgranular technology, offers to the hairstylist maximum bleaching power and ultimate protection. Ideal for all bleaching techniques. Best results when used with Artizta Activator. Easy to use, does not swell, up to 6 levels of controlled lift.

  • 17.64 oz jar


A range of eleven new shades in a perfumed Color Renewal and Conditioning Mask that satisfies every kind of need. AA COLOR CONDITIONER offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy a bold or subtle color change without commitment or fear. Ideal for adding intensity or balancing tonality on natural or color treated hair. Last up to 6-7 shampoos and allow you to change and adjust the shade of your hair thanks to its 11 new colors.

  • 7.98 fl oz bottle with pump


BIOPERM Kit 1 - for natural and coarse hair
BIOPERM Kit 2 - for processed and double processed hair

Exclusive ultra performance thio-free wave system with organic bio-reducer and shea butter that ensures natural wavy and curly hair, eliminates frizz effect and provides softness and smoothness to the lengths. Ideal for naturally straight or resistant hair, it offers the opportunity to redesign new long lasting looks thanks to simple retouches. Shea Butter, with emollient and protective properties, gives the curls a natural blur look, it protects hair fibre and improves smoothness and combing while leave the hair soft and healthy. Bioperm is formulated with a special organic bio-reducer, Cysteamine, that makes it particularly suitable for previously chemically treated hair. Hair takes the desired shape while maintaining natural softness, smoothness and elasticity.

    Kit includes:
  • Bioperm 3.38 fl oz
  • Neutralizer 4.06 fl oz

ARTIZTA Emotion Color


Newly formulated, eff ective and delicate ammonia-free exclusive permanent professional cream hair color. Especially indicated for damaged and delicate hair. Thanks to the innovative KMA Formula, it guarantees natural color up to 3/4 shades lighter, with long-lasting color and glossy and radiant hair. Emotion Color ensures 100% grey hair coverage without requiring the addition or combination of natural bases. Moreover, color remains even from the roots to tips, enhanced by intense and lustrous shades and highlights. Since ammonia-free, it signifi cantly reduces the risks of respiratory allergies and minimises skin sensitivity.

  • 100 ml tube
  • 1:1.5 dilution - serie Superschiarenti diluizione 1:2
  • Color 34


Delicate oxidant emulsion with high lanoline content. Mixed with the Emotion Color cream, it naturally moisturises hair with longer lasting and higher colour penetration in time.
GENTLE POLYMERS with protective fi lm-forming eff ect.
NATURAL ALCOHOLS AND LANOLINE DERIVATIVES: they grant protection, moisture and emulsion.
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: specific permanent colour, pigment bleaching process developer. Specific stabilising ingredients.

  • 1000 ml bottle
  • Available in 10, 20, 30, 40 VOLUMES.